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Deer Hunting

We offer an ideal location from which you may pursue the ever popular "White Tailed" Deer. Within the area we have numerous logging roads for which offer excellent access to the feeding grounds of white-tailed deer. Within the early season, hunting is best on the islands and around the streams and creeks that feed into Big Pine Lake. You may also try late fall when bucks are in the rut and on the move from any of these ideal locations.

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Black Bear Hunting

Every year we offer a guided fall Black Bear Hunt over pre-baited stands. Our stands offer great shot opportunity for bow, muzzle loader or riffle. We currently obtained more bear hunting grounds giving us the largest Bear Management Area (BMA) around. Our 118,000 acres of BMA offers an excellent kill-ratio for all hunters with a variety of locations; some accessed by lake, vehicle or ATV. For more information on how we conduct our hunts please call us at 1-800-930-2003.

For a Non-Resident to bring firearms across the border you are required to fill out a "Non-Resident Firearm Declaration". You can fill this form out when you arrive at Customs or have it completed before you come to save time. To print the forms visit the Royal Canadian Mounted Police website at

Ruffed Grouse

Our area brings you some excellent Grouse hunting as it provides hundreds of acres of ideal breeding and growing grounds that produce an abundance of these fine birds.

Big Pine Lake Camp ~ 2015 Hunting Rates

(All prices are in Canadian Dollars - We accept VISA, Mastercard and Cash)

Package for cabin and guided DEER hunt per week:

2 people $1150.00 per person

3 people $1100.00 per person

4 - 6 people $1050.00 per person

Package for cabin and guided BEAR hunt per week:

2 - 3 hunters $1250.00 per person

4 - 6 hunters $1200.00 per person

** All rates are subject to applicable tax.

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